What is CCNA Certification

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a well-established entrance exam for those looking to enter the IT industry. CCNA certification is an associate-level Cisco Career certification.Someone with a CCNA certification must have ample knowledge of the installation, configuration, management, and support needed for small to medium-sized networks.

CCNA Certification Exam Information

You can study for the CCNA certification exam by taking online courses and watching tutorial videos.The best way to prepare for the CCNA exam is by studying the books published by Crisco Press.

The passing of ICND1 and ICND2 exams along with the CCNA combined exam is necessary in order to achieve CCNA certification. An upside to the CCNA exams is that no perquisites are essential. The CCNA exam scores valid up to 3 years. A passing score on the test is 85%. Before the exam, visit sites like Buyitcert.com for dumps.

The test duration is 90 minutes but for people who are non-native speakers of the languages in which the exam is conduction occurs have 30 extra minutes. The conduction exam occurs in Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Spanish, and French language.

The exam consists of around fifty to sixty questions. The score report announcement occurs immediately after the exam but there is no way to determine what questions you got right or wrong because the score report only consists of the basic information about your results.

However, a professional is present to take the exam in your place at the test centers. You can hire the professional from buyitcert.com. They guarantee no fraud and once you pay the payment, the certification is present with you. You can confirm the originality of certificate from the official sites of the companies.

Process for Buyitcert.com

The procedure for buyitcert.com is that first, you need to choose the certification you require, secondly, we require your basic personal information like your first and last name, your contact number, and test code. Thirdly, you place a payment via Western Union, Moneybookers, or Moneygram. You then receive a score report via email whose checking takes place at the official site of the certificate issuers.

In the case the conduction of multiple exams takes place, this cannot occur before placing the next payment. At this point, you can update your profile in an official account and order the certificates. The delivery of certificate will take place at your postal address and removal of exam records will occurfrom buyitcert.com’s database system.

Job Availability after CCNA Certification

A few career lines you can enter after obtaining the CCNA certification are a network engineer, a network administrator, senior network engineer, technical support engineer, and system admin etcetera. The salary profile for a network engineer is approximately seventy thousand dollars, a network administrator may get up to fifty-nine thousand dollars, and a senior network engineer may get an astonishing ninety-five thousand dollars.

In addition to the careers mentioned above, there are other fields that you can enter in the industry of information technology, that require the CCNA exam. Some of the fields are cyber ops, routing, and switching, security, service providers, wireless, data center,and collaboration.


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