Health Hazards related to Radon

Radon is a radioactive element yield as a result of the radioactive disintegration of Uranium, Thorium as well as Plutonium. It is naturally found in air, soils as well as water bodies. Despite the dangers associated with it, the amount of radon found in the atmosphere naturally is harmless. A few years ago there was a lot of hype in the media concerning the side effects of long-term exposure to radon.radon system installation

This spiked a lot of research and case studies in this regard. And after thorough research, it was found that long-term exposure to radon is, in fact, a health hazard. Radon can enter residential areas and continue to increase in concentration due to lack of Radon system installation


Radon has many sources but most of them are natural, as it is a naturally occurring element and cannot be produced commercially. However, amongst its natural sources, there is a source that promotes the production of radon. This source is the mishandling of radioactive waste. If the waste material produced at radioactive sites and the leftover radioactive material is not disposed of carefully it continues to disintegrate and leads to an increase in the proportion of radon.  Other than these sources radon is also produced due to the natural decay of radioactive elements and due to the disintegration of radon as well.

Generally, people are unaware of the risks due to exposure to high concentrations of radon and feel that it is not important to invest in radon system installation however they need to understand that it is an investment that prevents efforts and expenditures in the future.

Mechanism of radon poisoning:

Radon enters in the human body through two possible ways. The first way is through the nasal cavity, when one breathes in air containing high fixations of radon. This way the radon ends up in the lungs and starts to accumulate there. It starts its decomposition chain reaction that produces radon daughter elements as well as some parts of radiations. This decaying also releases small blasts of energy. This leaves the lungs damages and increases their chances of developing lung cancer.

The second way of radon entrance into the body is via the mouth when radon poisoned water is consumed for drinking purposes. This way it is even more threatening as this way it comes into contact with most of the fragile internal organs as well as hampers the blood flow due to accumulation in the bloodstream. This way it increases the risk of developing various cancers such as blood cancer, esophageal cancer, intestinal cancer, liver cancer as well as infections in the renal system.

The biggest mistake that one can make is to ignore the importance of radon system installation and make oneself vulnerable to falling a prey to radon poisoning. Radon poisoning is a huge health hazard that does irreversible damage to one’s health. It is the need of the hour to spread awareness and take precautionary and preventive measures to ensure safety and health.